Motard's Agricultural Credit Center raised food for needy families in the Algarve

Motorbike Club of Faro helped in the campaign

The Motard Nucleus of the Agricultural Credit Center for Culture and Sports (CCDCAM) helped needy families in the Algarve, giving them food, as part of the campaign “2021 – from North to South – We Take Solidarity to the whole country”. 

The delivery of food was supported by the Moto Clube de Faro.

This campaign also helped Pulido Valente Hospital, the animal welfare association “Patudos Felizes”, the Souma association, Casa Pia and the Criança Differentiation association.

This year's campaign was attended by members of the Agricultural Credit Nucleus, employees, family and friends, Group companies, Agricultural Credit banks, affiliated companies and the National Federation of Mutual Agricultural Credit Banks (FENACAM), allowing fundraising through first time, the largest amount in donations with a total of 5.874,25 euros.

Hospital Pulido Valente was offered six televisions for inpatient rooms and respective supports to provide greater comfort to all users, and the animal welfare association "Patudos Felizes", which aims to welcome, treat and refer for adoption from abandoned, neglected and badly treated animals, a series of resources such as feed, deworming and disinfectant were delivered.

The Souma Association, responsible for combating isolation and social exclusion regardless of age or circumstances, received food items, as well as 500 liters of milk donated by Lactaçores.

In turn, an industrial washing machine was donated to Casa Pia, whose mission is to promote the rights and protection of children and young people. with disabilities who finish their compulsory education and who do not have any training offer for the world of work within their reach, material goods were made available such as an industrial boiler, a hob and an iron with a boiler.