Portimão marked the European Day for Healthy Eating and Cooking with a fitness class and workshops

Activities took place at Quinta Pedagógica and were promoted by the municipality of Portimão

The European Day for Healthy Eating and Cooking was marked this Monday morning, November 8th, with various activities held at the Pedagogical Farm, promoted by the municipality of Portimão.

The morning started with a class in fitness, followed by a workshop on healthy recipes and their tasting under the Social Innovation Project “Prato Certo”, in which the City Council is a partner together with Associação In Loco.

Users of the Senior Community Centers and Community Centers of Portimão participated, as well as senior students of the Exercise and Health Program and boys and girls from the Lar da Criança de Portimão, totaling 119 participants.

The anniversary is part of a European Union campaign aimed at combating obesity, encouraging EU citizens to choose a balanced diet and exercise more.



The project “Prato Certo”, whose application was approved by CRESC Algarve – Portugal Inovação Social, has a duration of three years, with the municipality of Portimão being one of the co-financing members, together with another 15 municipalities.

Since 2019, and until the end of the current year, 36 sessions will be held in the municipality aimed at priority audiences and the community in general, in order to "place healthy, affordable and appetizing food at the center of people's lives, providing them with ideas and instruments that contribute to the right choices at the table», explains the municipality.

Despite the limitations of Covid-19, activities were developed under the themes "Horta dos Spices", Meal Planning", "Analysis of Labels" and "Recipes with baskets" with users of the Senior Living Centers of Portimão, Senior Living Center of Portimão Aldeia das Sobreiras, Children's Home in Portimão, Cáritas, Santa Casa da Misericórdia in Alvor and Santa Casa da Misericórdia in Portimão.

The municipality also highlights “the distribution of “Receipts with baskets” aimed at beneficiaries of food baskets, prepared based on the products offered”.

«Several tips regarding the organization of menus, utilizations and freezing were also made available, in addition to the realization of workshops of food for beneficiaries and users of Caritas, GRATO – Support Group for Drug Addicts and ADRA – Adventist Association for Development, Resources and Assistance», also refers to the municipality.



Until the end of November, two workshops, the first aimed at “parents and children”, with tips on healthy recipes for birthdays, and the second aimed at the community in general, about recipes for the approaching Christmas season, with the respective dates disclosed in due course.

The municipality also mentions “the municipal program “Portimão Healthy – Nutrition, Sport and Health”, which has as partners some entities, such as the Associação Flor Dente de Leão and ADRA, aimed at holding workshops on healthy eating”.

«Within the scope of promoting a healthy lifestyle and the importance of physical exercise», the municipality has been investing, since 2002, in the “Exercício e Saúde” Program, recently awarded the Quality Certification by the online platform Cidade Social, awarded under the Friends of Sport 2021 Municipalities.

The “Exercise and Health” Program currently has more than 300 participants aged over 60 years who regularly attend physical exercise sessions, in the form of gymnastics, hydrogymnastics, walking and running.

Participants also attend «exchange actions with other municipalities, which provide the creation and development of favorable adaptations that contribute to healthy aging», concludes the Portimão municipality.