Pinheiro e Rosa Secondary School promotes "AEPROSA Week for Human Rights"

A seminar with distinguished guests, a day entirely dedicated to radio, exhibitions, films and actions around the city

A group of students from the Professional Technical Courses in Health Aide and Organization of Events, from Escola Secundária Pinheiro e Rosa (Faro), promoted, on the 10th of November, the initiative called “2nd action”.

This initiative took place between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm, promoted by three groups of students, who divided themselves between the District Center for Social Security, the Municipal Council of Faro and downtown.

Students delivered letters, with an address that evoked something beautiful and tender, but which, inside, contained reports of people who suffered various types of aggression, abuse, discrimination. The motto of this action was “Those who see faces don't see hearts” and its objective was to make the person receiving the letter reflect on the matter.

The “1st action” of this campaign was the production and production of the video “Hello, I'm a person!” whose thematic aroused debate and reflection.

These initiatives are part of the “AEPROSA Week for Human Rights – Tolerance is Harmony in Difference”, which will take place at that Secondary School, between the 15th and 19th of November. The week will be full of activities aimed at younger audiences, but open to the community in general.

It all started with the opening of the “Welcome” exhibition at the school's entrance, while an exhibition on the International Day of Tolerance takes place in the library, and in the school's atrium you can find another exhibition that follows the video “Hello, I I am a person”.

The high point of the week is scheduled for this Wednesday, the 17th, with the seminar “Tolerance is harmony in difference”, which will have as guests Sara Caetano (High Commission for Migrations), Carlos Baía (councillor of the portfolio of the Social Action of the City Council of Faro), Anabela Afonso (head of the Cultural Promotion and Dynamization division of the Algarve Regional Directorate of Culture), Fábio Simão (president of MAPS Algarve and Associação XIS), André Lara Ramos (deputy director of AEPROSA), Cláudio Garcia (Lusco Fusco ), Sérgio Pedro (psychologist at AEPROSA) Dino D'Santiago (singer).

The seminar will be mediated by Margarida Flores, (director of the Social Security Institute in the Algarve), and will also be attended by Rogério Bacalhau, president of the Municipal Council of Faro, Alexandre Lima, Regional Delegate for Education of the Algarve, representing the General Director of Education, Francisco Soares, director of AEPROSA, and also the directors of the João da Rosa School Groups (Olhão) and Eng. Nuno Mergulhão (Portimão).

On November 18, the day will be dedicated to Rádio 100.PR and the Podcast Semperaviar, which will receive several guests who will share their life experiences related to the unifying theme of the week, Human Rights.

On Friday, the 19th, it will be possible to watch the film “The Dream of Wadja”, in an interdisciplinary project with Philosophy week, taking place on the same date.

The Pinheiro e Rosa Schools Group is part of the UNESCO Associated Schools Network, with the main objective of «promoting an educational response against discrimination and violence based on a culture of respect for all people, regardless of color, gender, class, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity or religious identity”.


“Being tolerant means recognizing, accepting and defending fundamental human rights, so that living in community and in peace is possible.
The International Day for Tolerance is an initiative of UNESCO, expressed in the Declaration of Principles on Tolerance and Plan of Action for the Year (1995).
The International Day for Tolerance was proclaimed by Resolution 51/95 adopted at the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 12, 1996”.