Silves organizes two yoga classes to mark the arrival of autumn

The event will comply with the guidelines and standards of the DGS

Two open yoga classes will take place next Wednesday, September 22, in the riverside area of ​​Silves. 

This is the municipality's way of marking the autumnal equinox. The first class is at 8:55 am and the second at 19:10 pm.

Participation in the initiative is subject to mandatory prior registration and is limited to existing vacancies.

Registration for the open yoga class runs until September 20, and can be made on here, at the reception of the Silves Municipal Swimming Pool Complex or via the e-mail address (the following information must be provided: name, date of birth, location, telephone, email, NIF and indication of the session where the participant wants to register).

In view of the vacancy limit, all those who register online or by email will receive an email confirming their participation in the activity.

The event will comply with the guidelines and rules of the DGS.