Right to protection against misinformation in a debate promoted by the Order of Solicitors

Order joins PS, IL, Union of Journalists and journalism specialist to dissect impacts of the Human Rights Charter in the Digital Age

The controversial article 6, which defines the "Right to protection against misinformation" in the Charter of Human Rights in the Digital Age, will be one of the most awaited moments of the debate promoted by OSAE - Order of Solicitors and Enforcement Agents, scheduled for Monday Friday, 19th, at 17:00 pm, with live broadcast on OSAE.TV on youtube.

The objective is to clarify what the Charter, unanimously approved by the Assembly of the Republic, consists of and which will be the subject of a new debate in Parliament, on July 20th, through the potestative agenda presented by the Liberal Initiative.

“The Portuguese Charter for Human Rights in the Digital Age, approved by Law 27/2021, enshrines a set of very important rights for citizens, which deserve to be studied, assimilated and disseminated. Article 6 of that diploma, which specifically refers to the right to protection against misinformation, presents solutions that are difficult to assimilate, so the debate on these is very interesting and necessary”, says José Carlos Resende, President of the Order of Solicitors and Enforcement Agents.

Moderated by the president, the meeting will be attended by José Magalhães, PS deputy, António Costa Amaral, vice president of the Liberal Initiative, Luís Filipe Simões, president of the Journalists Union, and António Granado, university professor , specialist in journalism.