Holy Week Eucharist schedules can now be consulted online

Diocese of the Algarve has been offering this service for several years

The Diocese of Algarve made available on your site and website of the Diocesan Ministry of Tourism the times of the Eucharist foreseen for Holy Week 2021.

This is an online service that the Diocese has provided "for several years with the aim of helping all Christians who seek and live in this area of ​​the country in the best possible way."

The aim is that "those who may be in the region and wish to live their faith will be able to find a celebration so that they can celebrate the greatest feast of Catholics."

«For further clarification of schedules or to find out about missing hours, interested parties should contact the parish priests, on the website of the Diocese of Algarve and, with them, collect the information they need», according to the Diocese of Algarve.