The deconfinement plan circulating on the net is false, the Government complains to the MP

"Misinformation and false expectations" that the document may generate are "risk to public health"

Algarve in times of confinement – ​​Photo: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação

The Prime Minister's Office today released a note denouncing as "false" an alleged decontamination plan, which has been circulating on the internet since this morning.

The note adds that "this falsification will be the object of communication to the Public Prosecutor" and reaffirms that "this is not yet the moment of distrust".

"A false document is circulating that presents an alleged decontamination plan, imputed to the Government, which consists of an abusive tampering with the decontamination table released in April of last year," the statement begins.

"This document has no veracity, is not authored by the Government, nor is it based on any preparatory work, so the information contained in it should not be given any credibility", adds the Government.

"Due to the misinformation and false expectations that such a document can generate, with the inherent risk to public health, this falsification will be the object of communication to the Public Ministry," the statement also says.

"As it did last year, the Government is preparing the future steps of deconfinement, which will be taken in due time, in conjunction with the testing strategy and the vaccination plan", stresses the note.

However, the Government considers that “it is inappropriate to proceed at this stage to any presentation or public discussion on the subject. This is not yet the moment of disconfinement».

“On the contrary, as mentioned in the draft decree of His Excellency the President of the Republic, it is not recommended by the experts to reduce or suspend, in this context, measures to restrict contacts”, concludes the note.



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