New Recreational Port of Faro gains breath in the coming weeks

Chamber has already reformulated the project in order to meet the Environmental Compliance Decision of the Execution Project (DCAPE) conditional

Photos: Hugo Rodrigues | Sul Informação

The new leisure port of Faro, located on the outside of the current dock, should have all the conditions to move forward in the coming weeks, he revealed to Sul Informação Rogério Bacalhau, president of the Chamber of Faro.

The municipality of Faro plans to assume responsibility for this area of ​​its riverside zone, currently under the jurisdiction of Docapesca, very soon, and has already prepared a new project for the construction of a marina that is not limited by the railway, which goes beyond all the issues raised in the Executing Project Environmental Compliance Decision (DCAPE) and must have all necessary assent 'by the end of the year'.

«Docapesca had done, years ago, a study for a Recreational Port outside the current dock, which was approved and has a DCAPE with a series of conditions», explained the mayor from Farense.

These issues raised by the Portuguese Environment Agency, which were related, in large part, to the landfill recommended in the Docapesca project, as well as the high price of the work foreseen in the original project, meant that the work has not progressed so far.

However, in the decentralization process launched by the current Government, this public company agreed with the Chamber of Faro the delegation of powers in several areas, namely the transfer of jurisdiction from this area to the autarchy.


dock of Faro – Photo: Pablo Sabater | Sul Informação


In this way, and knowing that it would become responsible for the location where the new Port of Recreio is planned, the Chamber drew up its own project.

«Within the scope of the renovation of the seafront, we are finishing the requalification projects that go from Ribeirinho Park, next to the theater, to Largo de S. Francisco, always south of the railway line. These are two projects that are being carried out by two different offices», he told the Sul Informação Rogerio Cod.

The new port infrastructure is part of the West project, which starts in the dock area and goes to Parque Ribeirinho.

«Our proposal contemplates the construction of a much simpler Recreational Port, which integrates the suggestions of DCAPE. This project has already been delivered to the Algarve's Regional Coordination and Development Commission (CCDR) through Docapesca - although it is ours -, it has already been consulted by the entities and will receive a favorable opinion, as it complies, exactly, with the DCAPE », believes the president of the Chamber of Faro.

That is, the Chamber of Faro it will still be able to take advantage of the environmental compliance decision issued in 2016, which was valid “until December 16th”, a term whose extension “the docapesca itself has already asked for”.

«I think that this extension will be a natural process, taking into account that there is a new project that meets the requirements of DCAPE», said the mayor from Farense.

Rogério Bacalhau expects that «both the Porto de Recreio project, like all the others, will receive favorable opinions by the end of this year».


Port Recreation Project of Faro




This leads him to anticipate that «next year», it will be possible to «start the redevelopment of the riverside area, including the Port of Recreio».

Just to build the new exterior dock, the mayor of Faro estimates that "4 to 6 million euros" are needed, a figure, even so, well below what was initially foreseen.

“The original project cost a lot more than that, not least because it had a very large landfill. That was the big problem and there were many conditions. We abandoned all that and simplified things», he framed.

In this way, «a dredging for the movement of boats» is projected, associated with a fixed structure that will add little to what already exists, «since it is there by the line, which has the other terrestrial structure on the other side».

«But then, in the water mirror, everything will be fingers and light things. What will be there will be dredging so that navigation can be done more easily, but it does not have the impact that had been foreseen in the original project», assured Rogério Bacalhau.


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