Have you ever heard of the gastronomy festival in motion “Arrebita Portugal”? Starts in Portimão

The dynamic gastronomy circuit through unusual spaces in the city center aims to "make the heart of the city beat again"

Os chefs will not have the kitchen as a stage, but some of the most iconic commercial spaces in the city. The food will be served by the cooks themselves in the commercial establishments along the route: shoe stores, clothing stores, tobacconists, opticians and jewelry stores. Each Head is in charge of creating a sweet or savory dish, between 5 and 8 euros, to enjoy on the go, using local and seasonal products in its preparation.

This is the original model of the first edition of Arrebita Portugal, an event that aims to bring the best of national cuisine to various parts of the country, and which starts in Portimão, between 21 and 23 August.

For three days, 15 chefs, among rising young cooks and well-established names on the national scene, make dishes from street food inspired by the traditions of the Algarve region and the cuisine of the world, using the best local products.

In order to comply with the contingency plan defined by the General Directorate of Health, Arrebita Portugal takes place outdoors in the city center and with one-way circuits, in order to avoid crowding, taking place in Praça da República and Rua do Comércio and Vasco da Gama, between 19pm and 00pm, when the last entry into the venue will take place.


The objectives of this event are to stimulate the local economy and commerce, energize cities and encourage national tourism.

This is an initiative promoted by Amuse Bouche, to which the Municipality of Portimão joins, «in a reactive action to the current moment of uncertainty, resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, which aims to prevent the collapse of economic activity through creativity in movement".

The dynamic gastronomy circuit through unusual spaces in the city center aims to «revive the heart of the city to beat again». Outside the hours of the event, circulation in the covered streets remains unchanged.

In the three days of this first edition of Arrebita Portugal, around 8 visitors are expected, who will be supported along the route defined by three dozen volunteers.