Câmara de Silves is working to protect its forest against fire

Land and waterline clearing works are among the actions already carried out

The Municipality of Silves is cleaning forest areas and water points, among other structural prevention works in the context of defending the forest against fire.

The actions that the Municipal Civil Protection and Forestry Service of Silves has been developing are aimed at «operationalizing penetrating corridors in sensitive areas, allowing the entry of means of combat and the evacuation of the population in the event of an accident, thus safeguarding the most isolated local populations ».

«This type of work takes place in several aspects, namely, with regard to fuel management, cleaning of water points and establishment of strategic locations for the positioning of means in the forest area of ​​the priority parish of São Bartolomeu de Messines in a location with great vulnerability of spreading forest fires. This is a work carried out by the municipality's teams of sappers (EMIF 13. 01 and SF 05.150 – supported by the Permanent Forest Fund) and who use, for the first time in the field, their own mechanical means that allow a considerable increase in the work (robot of tracks)”, described the Chamber of Silves.

The fuel management lanes executed by the municipal teams, «are delineated in addition to the interventions of various entities and local associations in the municipality of Silves in the area of ​​defense of the forest against fire (DFCI) and already account for hundreds of hectares (lanes and mosaics), many of which are part of the national strategic network (Primary Network), particularly evident in the northwestern sector of the parish of São Marcos da Serra, close to the limits with the municipalities of Monchique, Odemira and Ourique and in the northeastern extremity of the municipality in the border area with the parish of São Barnabé, municipality of Almodôvar».