Faro takes elderly people from the municipality to see “O Leão da Estrela”

Within the scope of the “Let's go to Cinema!” initiative

Seniors in the municipality of Faro will see the film “O Leão da Estrela”, for free, on the 23rd, at 10:00 am, in a session organized by the Chamber of Faro and which will take place at Forum Algarve.

This will be another initiative of the Program Faro Senior «who develops various social, recreational and cultural activities with seniors from Faro, as part of a strategy of the municipality to encourage regular activities with this population, thus promoting coexistence and combating loneliness», according to the Chamber of Faro.

This will be the third session of the “Let's go to Cinema!” initiative and the film chosen is the remake and adaptation of the comedy film “O Leão da Estrela”, directed in 1947 by Arthur Duarte and which is one of the most emblematic works of Portuguese cinema.

The version to be shown, directed and produced by Leonel Vieira and written by Tiago Santos, premiered in 2015.

Applications can now be made at the Elderly Support Office of the Municipality of Faro, located at Praça José Afonso, nº 1, through the email acaosocial@cm-faro.pt and telephone 289870877/289870869 or at the Parish Councils of the Municipality of Faro.