The winners of the Portimão Photographic Race are already known

Award-winning photographs will be on display at the Portimão Museum from the 7th of December

Photo of the 1st Prize winner

Francisco Martins was the winner of another edition of the Portimão Photographic Race, which took place on May 17th and 18th. Also awarded were Alfredo Gomes (2nd), Josué Marques (3rd), Luís Conceição (4th) and Daniela dos Reis, who won the Youth Award.

The awards for the 19th edition of this, which is, according to Portimão, «the biggest photographic marathon south of the Tagus», will be delivered on Saturday, December 7th, at 17 pm, at the Portimão Museum.

On the same day, the exhibition will open with the works awarded in this competition, as well as the sculpture and painting exhibition “Estuaries” by Arlindo Arez. Both exhibitions are part of the Official Program of the 95th Anniversary of the elevation of Portimão to a city.

The Photographic Race of Portimão, this year, in addition to the 12-hour day race, had a night and day special edition for 24 hours, «in which 83 photography lovers registered, not only from the Algarve, but from various parts of the country and of different nationalities, namely from Brazil».

"During the competition, the participants had the opportunity to register, through their photographic creativity, a renewed look at the municipal cultural and natural heritage, activities, experiences and details of Portimão, in an ambience and daytime and nighttime lighting", according to the Chamber of Portimão.

The best images captured during the Portimão Photographic Race can be seen at the Portimão Museum until April 12th, on Tuesday, from 14:30 pm to 18:00 pm, and from Wednesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 18:00 pm.

“In addition to the winning images, the exhibition will also include the fourteen best photos of each of the eight day and six night themes and a special jury prize awarded to Joana Pires,” added the municipality.


One of the winning photos in the various themes


The Portimão Photographic Race was organized by the Portimão Museum and had the support of the Sul Informação, ETIC Algarve, Musubmar/Ocean Revival, CLCC, Ana-Ana, Restinga and GAMP-Grupo de Amigos do Museu de Portimão.

The exhibition “Estuaries” will present his most recent works by Arlindo Arez from Portimo.

The exhibition is distributed «over three spaces, each consisting of a selection of formally similar works, whether in terms of techniques, media or themes, punctuated by a sculpture that intends to synthesize the paintings presented in a three-dimensional object, with an almost relic-like character. or of artefact, belonging to an indefinite time and to the space of an imaginary estuary between the river and the sea».

This exhibition is produced by Associação Cultural Cuneo Sularte, curated by Arlindo Arez and Leandro Arez, with institutional support from the Portimão City Council.