Faro delivered hampers to needy families and there was no lack of… cod

Families were identified by the Chamber's social action team

The Chamber of Faro delivered 300 Christmas hampers to needy families in the county, with the aim of «providing them with a more dignified Christmas». Among the foods that were part of the basket, there was cod, “so traditional in this festive season”.

As explained by the Chamber of Faro, «the beneficiaries were identified by the social action team, through criteria that took into account the conditions of economic vulnerability, the largest number of members of the household and the employability situation of its members».

For Rogério Bacalhau, president of the Chamber, this is always a very special moment, as «although it is not a solution to the social and economic problems that affect the most needy, the Christmas basket is a way to alleviate the difficulties and awaken the values ​​of peace, unity, harmony, sharing and solidarity, so symbolic of the Christmas season».

In a note sent to the newsrooms, the Chamber of Faro thanks the GNR District Command for the support provided in the process of delivering the baskets to the elderly in rural areas.