Aljezur takes an "extremely important step" to have a Detailed Plan for Vale da Telha

The "conciliation phase between the various entities involved and necessary opinions" will now begin.

The Municipality of Aljezur delivered the proposal for the Detailed Plan of Vale da Telha to the Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission and took "an extremely important step" so that this instrument for spatial planning becomes a reality.

Sending the plan to the Algarve CCDR will start “the stage of consultation between the various entities involved and necessary opinions”.

"This is another extremely important step, thus raising another level in the established calendar for the final approval and implementation of the same highly complex plan, and at the same time, of great importance for the municipality of Aljezur", according to the Chamber of Aljezur.

The autarchy added that, since the deadline for drawing up the plan was running out, the Chamber approved the extension of the plan for another two years.