Ponto JA store moves to Praia da Rocha during the summer

Beach Point will be open from Monday to Friday, between 15:00 pm and 20:00 pm

The Ponto JA store in Portimão, located in the Mercado building on Avenida São João de Deus, will temporarily move from June 24th to August 30th, with all the services usually available, to a Beach Point, in the Sports Area of Stone beach-

«Considering the very important social role in monitoring and healthy occupation of young people's free time, and the significant decrease in the affluence to the physical space of the Ponto JA Store with the end of the school period, the opening of this Beach Point, during the summer, intends to maintain and to promote proximity to the young public», explains the Portimão City Council.

The Ponto JA Store will be temporarily closed and the Beach Point will be activated again, like last summer, in the Sports Area of
Stone beach.

Until August 30, young people who pass through this space can purchase the Municipal Youth Card, accessing it free of charge.
Wi-Fi and the library created for the purpose of sharing books, receiving information or clarifications about opportunities for exchange, training and volunteering at a local, national and international level, and also, whenever necessary, to be referred for advice in the areas of psychology, nutrition, assessment and prescription of physical activity and nursing, which will continue to be available at the Youth Health Office of Portimão.

«In addition to the counseling services, Beach Point is also a place that encourages socializing and sharing, where it will be possible for young people to propose activities and implement dynamics with the help and supervision of technicians from DYPALL – Developing Youth Participation At Local Level», adds the autarchy.

The Beach Point will be open from Monday to Friday, between 15:00 pm and 20:00 pm, and its inauguration party will take place this Friday, June 21, from 17:30 pm, with a social snack and musical entertainment with the group Next Combo.

DYPALL is an organization that is part of a European initiative that involves local authorities and civil society organizations active in the youth field in more than 20 European countries, with the aim of involving young people in democratic decision-making processes at the local level and thus enabling municipalities and regional authorities to focus their policies more effectively on the needs and interests of youth.

More information and clarifications about this space can be obtained by contacting the Sports and Youth Division (telephone: 282470797 or email: youth@cm-portimao.pt).