Albufeira Town Council re-paves paths in the Santa Maria Valley

Work will cost around 345 euros

The contract for paving and installing rainwater and domestic water networks on the Caminho da Aldeia and part of the Caminho da Escola, in the Vale de Santa Maria, in Albufeira, will begin this month.

The Council of Albufeira has already awarded the intervention, which will cost 345 euros, plus VAT, and which should be ready within about three months.

«The work consists of the punctual repair of pathologies in the pavement, punctual widening of the road and paving of the same. It also includes the construction of a rainwater network and domestic water network», summarized the municipality.

The main works to be carried out refer to preparatory and demolition works (72 thousand euros), paving works (175 thousand euros), accessory works, such as supporting walls (66 thousand euros), rainwater network (6 euros) and domestic water network (61 thousand euros).