ETIC_Algarve students can secure Level 6 certification at Teeside University

Students in the fields of photography, video and design can also obtain certification equivalent to a degree in the Czech Republic

Students of ETIC_Algarve's two-year Video Games area will be able to attend a third year at Teeside University, in Middlesbrough (England), to obtain an academic training at Level 6 of the European Qualifications Framework, equivalent to a degree.

The videogames area joins the Design, Photography and Directing, Film and TV areas, which already had the possibility of having a Top Up Year, through admission to Prague College, in the Czech Republic.

The partnership between ETIC_Algarve and Teeside University comes within the scope of the ERASMUS+ Project “ETIC_Algarve IN_Motion 2.0 2017-2019”, funded by the European Union.

According to the school, «since 2015, ETIC_Algarve's ERASMUS+ projects have already allowed more than 50 students and 25 trainers to do internships in leading companies and schools in the most diverse European cities».

The process began approximately a year ago, with a technical visit to Teeside University, where «it was possible to see great similarities in the teaching methodology. Also oriented towards “knowing how to do, practicing”, it is a school that guarantees an extremely enriching and excellent training experience», highlights ETIC_Algarve.

This agreement “reinforces ETIC_Algarve's constant search to improve and create opportunities for the professional future of its students, as it will allow them to continue their studies at a higher level”, concludes the school.