Government declares alert situation for the whole country

Workers who are volunteer firefighters are released from service

The Ministry of Internal Administration signed, this Wednesday, the order that determines the Declaration of Alert Situation between today, Thursday, and August 6, Monday, for the entire national territory. Eduardo Cabrita's decision was taken «due to the weather forecasts for the coming days, which point to a significant increase in the risk of forest fire'.

Within the scope of this Alert Situation Statement, exceptional measures will be implemented, such as the «elevation of the level of readiness and operational response by the GNR and PSP, with reinforcement of means for surveillance, inspection, and behavior-deterring patrols and general support to protection and rescue operations that may be triggered, considering for that purpose the interruption of vacation leave and/or suspension of days off and rest periods is considered authorized».

Also the emergency medical, public health and psychosocial support teams will have an increased degree of readiness and mobilization.

There will also be a permanent mobilization of teams of Sapadores Florestais, the National Corps of Forestry Agents and Nature Watchers who are part of the fire prevention device.

The response teams of entities with a special duty of cooperation in the areas of communications (operators of fixed and mobile networks) and energy (transport and distribution) will also have an increased level of readiness.

Due to the Alert Situation Declaration, access, circulation and permanence inside forest areas, previously defined in the Municipal Fire Defense Plans, as well as in forest paths, rural paths and other roads that cross them, will also be prohibited.

The use of fireworks or other pyrotechnic objects is completely prohibited, and authorizations already issued for the use of this material will be suspended while the alert situation is in force.

The Public Administration will dismiss workers who cumulatively perform the functions of volunteer firefighters and, in the districts for which the State of Red Level Special Alert has been declared by ANPC, including that of Faro, private sector workers who are volunteer firefighters are also excused from work.

The Government "continuously monitors the evolution of the operational situation and calls on citizens to adapt their behavior to the meteorological framework that has been widely publicized", concludes the Ministry of Internal Administration.