Who wants to be Chef of the Year?

Registration for the Chef of the Year competition is open until the 8th of March. The initiative is aimed at […]

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Registration for the Chef Cook of the Year competition is open until the 8th of March. The initiative is aimed at «all kitchen professionals residing in Portugal, aged over 25 years or more than five years of proven professional experience» and aims to find new talent, according to Makro, the company that supports the event.

This competition, which is going to its 29th edition, «seeks to gather and value professional cooks, in the exercise of their activity, who shine in the preparation and preparation of dishes that refer to Portugal and tradition, through the use of products supplied by Makro Portugal».

In the first phase of this competition, regional competitions will take place, where competitors «will have to develop, live, a menu consisting of a starter, fish dish, meat and main dish, dessert and, finally, a traditional dish from the pan or oven, for a maximum time of 6 hours and 40 minutes'.

Here, the best competitors from the North/Central, Lisbon, South/Islands will be selected for the national final, where «the innovation and application of new techniques that enrich a menu with traditional Portuguese roots will be valued».

The finalists will be chosen by a jury composed of Nuno Mendes, chef of the Chiltern Firehouse and Taberna do Mercado restaurants, in London, António Bóia, technical director, Helmut Ziebell, honorary jury and Orlando Esteves, ambassador of the competition.

«We hope that, once again, the participation will be great and that the participants will give us innovative dishes that represent national products, as well as Portuguese cuisine, as usual», wished Isabel Caeiro, communication manager at Makro Portugal.

Applications can be made online, following this link.