The «restless, available and rational» Mário Ruivo is already a Doctor Honoris Causa at the UAlg

Professor Mário Ruivo received, yesterday, the title of Doctor Honoris Causa, in Sciences of the Sea, Earth and […]

honoris-cause-mario-ruivo-9Professor Mário Ruivo received the title of doctor yesterday honorary cause, in Sea, Earth and Environmental Sciences by the University of Algarve (UAlg), in a ceremony held in the Grand Auditorium of the Campus de Gambelas.

The winner was described by João Guerreiro, who sponsored him, as someone “available, committed, restless and rational” and with intervention in Portugal “over a period that covers more than 10% of the history of our country”.

The former dean of UAlg also made a point of referring to the fact that Mário Ruivo had created «under the Secretary of State for Fisheries, the General Directorate for Research and Protection of Aquatic Resources, which would later become the National Institute for Fisheries Research” which is now “anchored in the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere”.

already awarded the Honoris Causa he said that this decision by the UAlg is due to its "long navigation, real and conceptual, through seas and ocean, which must now provide conditions for new and future generations to deepen".

In his speech, Mário Ruivo, a specialist in matters of the sea and the ocean, also referred that «it is in the Algarve and the Azores that the greatest Portuguese scientific production in the area of ​​Marine and Aquatic Biology has been verified».

On the day the Algarve academy celebrated 37 years of existence, António Branco, dean of UAlg, spoke, in turn, of the «huge potential both in attracting funding and in researchers» of the national node of the European Marine Biological Resources Laboratory, led by the Center for Marine Sciences of the University of Algarve, inaugurated three days ago.

honoris-cause-mario-ruivo-19For António Branco, the Sciences of the Sea are an area in which UAlg has already gained «national and international renown».

Looking back on what are the studies on the Seas and the Ocean, Professor Mário Ruivo recalled that “1998 could be considered the year that marked a change”.

This is because «on the one hand we noticed a media coverage of the theme through the organization, at the initiative of Portugal, of Expo 98, in Lisbon, and the promotion, by the United Nations, of the International Year of the Oceans, there was a remarkable growth in capacity building. of the scientific community in marine sciences and technologies», considered the new Honoris Causa of UAlg.

According to Professor Mário Ruivo «it is foreseeable that Portugal will assert itself as one of the largest maritime territories in the world, namely through the process of extension of the Portuguese continental shelf, constituting an opportunity and a long-term challenge».

“A real incentive to the training of human resources and the attribution of conditions that guarantee the continuity of research for the necessary duration is imperative, so that we can, in fact, assert ourselves as a great world maritime power. Because it's not enough to continually state that we have potentials, he added the new Honor Cause. 

Visibly moved, Professor Mário Ruivo, currently 89 years old, concluded his speech saying he was waiting for the words "friends" that he heard "help to recharge batteries".


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Photos: Pedro Lemos | Sul Informação