Câmara de Silves gives the former Malhão school to GADAG de Alcantarilha Gare

The Adventure and Sport Group of Alcantarilha Gare (GADAG) will have its headquarters in the former Primary School […]

CM Silves Protocol with GADAGThe Alcantarilha Gare Adventure and Sport Group (GADAG) will have its headquarters in the former Malhão Primary School, following the protocol signed with the Silves City Council for the transfer of this building.

The building where the Malhão Primary School is located, in Alcantarilha, was donated to the municipality in April, «finally getting regularized a process that had been waiting for a resolution for more than three decades».

“This situation meant that the Municipality of Silves had to compensate the current owner for the damages suffered, in the order of 30 thousand euros. However, the agreement now reached allowed the building occupied by the Malhão Elementary School to be donated to the municipality, integrating both the area occupied by the school building and its street, as well as the remaining area», explained the Chamber of Silves.

At the end of this process, an association will benefit from a new headquarters, as the concession of spaces to communities «is another way for the municipality to support the carrying out of sporting, recreational and recreational activities, of interest to residents».