Turismo do Algarve calls on hotels to offer food and drinks to firefighters

The president of the Algarve Tourism Board António Pina calls on the region's hotels to collaborate in the supply of foodstuffs […]

The president of the Algarve Tourism Board António Pina calls on the region's hotel industry to collaborate in the offer of bottled food and beverages to fire brigades that have been fighting since Wednesday the great fire that broke out in Catraia, in the mountain parish of Cachopo (Tavira) . 

Bottled or packaged food and beverages – including fruit, sandwiches, cakes, juices, milk and water – can be delivered until 17 pm this Friday at tourist information offices in Faro, São Brás de Alportel, Olhão, Tavira and Montegordo, from where they will be collected to be delivered to the municipal fire department in Tavira. Alternatively, donations can be delivered directly to the fire department.

In solidarity with the peacekeepers who have been fighting the fires in the Serra do Caldeirão for more than 48 hours, the officials and leaders of the Algarve Regional Tourism Authority and the Algarve Tourism Association are also organizing a collection of food and beverages among themselves. they will be offered today to all those who are part of the field operations groups.

“According to the latest information available, the fire still has three active fronts and has progressed with great intensity since Wednesday. This is a way of helping those on the front line of firefighting, to whom we are deeply grateful, but we cannot forget all the people affected (more than 100 have already been evacuated as a precaution) with this calamity: we are in solidarity with all they. We sincerely hope that the fire will be extinguished as soon as possible», says António Pina.