Imortal Basket Club Men's U-16s are once again regional champions

The Imortal Basket Club Men's Under-16 team closed its course in the championship in the best possible way, revalidating more […]

The Imortal Basket Club Men's Under-16 team closed its course in the championship in the best possible way, revalidating once again the regional title, in the final that took place in Portimão.

The youngsters from Albufeires, who were the last ones to enter the competition this season, were overtaking their direct opponents game after game, closing the regular phase with eight victories in as many games.

Arrived at the final stage of the Regional Championship and with favoritism falling on the Albufeirenses, the team entered and responded in the best way in the first game, with a victory against GC Olhanense by 76×45.

On the second day of the race, given the results obtained the day before, it was up to Immortal to face SC Farense. Albufeira's team won again, by 87×57.

On the last day of the competition and with the aspirations of renewing the regional title at the most, Immortal left for this last stage with great confidence, but also aware that only with hard work and determination could they win the formation of Portimonense and thus achieve the his goal, and so it was.

The beginning of the game was characterized by a lot of struggle and delivery of both teams, with the offensive production falling short, given the numerous turnovers caused by both sides and the smallest hit when attacking the basket, so the result of 6×7 at the end of the first 10 minutes reflected the state of affairs.

When the game resumed, with Portimonense making use of their defense in the 2×3 zone, they managed to delay Immortal in advancing the score. But, even so, at half-time there was a 25×21 advantage, favorable to the Albufeires.

In the 2nd part, Immortal entered even more determined, playing with a great sense of mutual help, in defensive and offensive terms. In such a way that the Albufeirenses extended their advantage at half an hour of play with the marker marking 43×29.

With the last 10 minutes to play, Imortal came back in the best shape, with Portimonense still trying to reduce the disadvantage and take more risks. Coming out of the transition quickly and safely, Immortal managed to finish in numerical advantage and conclude their offensive action with showy assists, to the euphoria of the very public present and in particular those who traveled from Albufeira.

The game ended with 57×38, a result that immediately granted the regional title of U-16 Men to Immortal, crowning the 100% victorious route of the team.

Immortal players Miguel Gomes, Tomás Gaziaux and Claudio Ohler were chosen for the ideal 5, while Miguel Gomes was elected as MVP (Most Valuable Player).