National Maritime Authority records 249 rescues in the last three days

During this period, four people were also reported missing.

Due to «a large influx on Portuguese beaches», the National Maritime Authority (AMN) registered, between 12 and 14 April, 249 rescues on beaches under its jurisdiction. 

During this period, four people were also reported missing, three of them in a bathing context.

«In view of the continuation of good weather, and taking into account that the sea, at this time of year, is a winter sea and presents a high risk due to the effects of sea unrest», the AMN reinforces that it is necessary to «permanently monitor children and do not allow them to move away, always keeping them close to an adult", "avoid risky behavior, not approaching the water or walking on wet sand" and "do not turn your back on the sea and always offer a safe distance in relation to the waterline, avoiding being surprised by a wave».

If you witness any dangerous situation in the water, the Maritime Authority advises you not to enter the water and ask for help by calling 112.