Xutos & Pontapés return to Fatacil, which opens with Os Quatro e Meia

This Friday, at BTL, the country's main tourism fair, the Câmara de Lagoa announced the Fatacil poster and also the anchor events

Photo: Flávio Costa | Sul Informação

Xutos & Pontapés return this year to perform at the 43rd Fatacil, in Lagoa, after years of absence from this band that was a regular at the event since its inception.

The 2024 Fatacil poster was announced this morning at the Lisbon Tourism Exchange, by Lagoa City Council councilor Mário Guerreiro, with councilor Ana Martins presenting the anchor events planned for the municipality throughout the year.

Thus, with regard to Fatacil, which will take place from the 16th to the 25th of August, at the Lagoa Fairs and Exhibitions Park, the concert program opens with Os Quatro e Meia, followed by Ivandro (17th), DAMA (18), João Pedro Pais, another habitue da feira (19), Carolina Deslandes (20), David Carreira (21), Julinho KSD (22), Amália Hoje (23), Calema (24), and, finally, Xutos & Pontapés (25).

With regard to anchor events that promise to captivate all audiences, the highlight is the “Algarve Golden Terroir” project, in which Lagoa participates with seven different wineries and farms. Wine lovers will have the opportunity to explore and taste the best the region has to offer in this field.

Until Sunday, March 3rd, the Lagoa stand at BTL will continue to be «a true showcase of the wonders that the municipality has to offer in 2024». With a total of 55 prizes in the draw, distributed in the best hotels, restaurants and emblematic events, such as Fatacil, visitors can expect a truly enriching experience.

From the best wines from local producers to typically Algarve preserves, to detailed information about the region's beaches and coast, the Lagoa stand presents «a careful selection of local treasures».

This Friday, visitors from the general public are invited to visit the Lagoa stand from 17pm, in BTL pavilion 00 dedicated to the Algarve region.

The stand will also be open during the weekend, from 12:00 pm to 23:00 pm on Saturday, and until 20:00 pm on Sunday, providing interested parties with the opportunity to participate in prize draws and competitions.



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