Dozens of companies were “hunting” for talent at the Ualg Careers Fair

this wednesday

Photo: Cátia Rodrigues | Sul Informação

Young people looking for a job met with representatives from around 70 companies at the 9th edition of the “UAlg Careers Fair”, which took place today, March 13th, at the Pedagogical Complex of the Gambelas Campus of the University of Algarve.

As has been the case since the first edition of the fair, held in 2016, the objective of the initiative was «to contribute to the entry of UAlg students and graduates into the job market, facilitating their job search process and the development of a professional career . The Algarve Academy intends for the UAlg Careers Fair to be a reference event and continue to contribute to the high employability rate of its graduates», according to the University of Algarve.

Ilda Pedro, coordinator of the UAlg Alumni and Professional Exit Office, which promotes the initiative, considers that this job fair «is an excellent opportunity, both for students and for the companies themselves».

«The objective of the fair is to offer students and graduates from UAlg job and/or internship opportunities and ask questions about the offers available in each company, as well as outline their professional future, taking into account a more diverse range of options», he stated.

Companies, for their part, «also need this opportunity to present themselves and publicize the offers available to students at the University of Algarve, thus obtaining qualified professionals».

Inês Silva has a degree in Management from the University of Algarve. Last year she participated in the organization of this initiative as a student, which allowed her to get to know some companies. From this contact, the possibility of carrying out a curricular internship emerged and, after a year, she already joined the company where she completed the internship.

«I'm still with the company today and now I'm at the “UAlg Careers Fair” representing it», he revealed. For the former student, «this is an excellent initiative, both to get a place to do internships or summer jobs, and to establish contact with what the job market could be like».

The same happened with Luis Capdeville, also with a degree in Management. In 2023 he participated in the “UAlg Careers Fair” as a student, looking for an internship. He sees this initiative as «an opportunity for students to be able to contact employees who occupy important positions within companies, with whom it is not easy to contact on a daily basis, and who at this fair are available to clarify ideas or questions that students may have”.

Luis Capdeville also continued his professional career at the company where he completed his internship.

After recently finishing her degree in Communication Design, Daniela Alves has already visited several companies at this fair. She intends to undertake a professional internship to put into practice what she learned during her degree. «For those who want to get in touch with the job market, this is an excellent initiative», she says.

Previous editions of the “UAlg Careers Fair” also saw the participation of several dozen companies, not only regionally, but also nationally and internationally.


Photos: Cátia Rodrigues | Sul Informação