CCDR Algarve promotes seminar “Pomar de Sequeiro and the Algarve Barrocal”

On the 18th of March at 14:30 pm

CCDR Algarve will hold on March 18th, at 14:30 pm, a seminar on the theme “Pomar de Sequeiro and the Barrocal Algarvio”. 

In a note, the CCDR recalls that «the landscape of Pomar de Sequeiro is part of a “natural” and original heritage, characteristic of the Algarve barrocal, a unique value in the country that, over generations, has survived the different territorial dynamics».

Thus, several authors were challenged to reflect on what brings us “another look” at Pomar de Sequeiro, namely its origins, its development – ​​the history, characteristics and identifying trees of this space, such as the Carob Tree, the Amendoeira, Figueira and Oliveira – agriculture, the economic context of production, uses and exports – the territory.