Albufeira requalifies Parque do Ribeiro Sports Center

The municipality invested more than 55 thousand euros in the requalification of this infrastructure

The requalification of the Parque do Ribeiro Sports Center, carried out by the Municipality of Albufeira, has been completed and the space was inaugurated on the 4th of March. 

The Polidesportivo, which is located at one of the main entrances to the city, next to the Albufeira Camping Park, required «a layer of black slurry (a type of self-leveling agent), with a greater incidence in areas of greater depression (slumps) and, subsequently, three layers of acrylic resin (pore filling, base and finishes)», explains the municipality.

Furthermore, the sports lines were painted and the space was converted into two 3×3 basketball courts, a tennis court and a volleyball court, all with official dimensions.

Two basketball backboards and two posts suitable for volleyball and tennis were also installed, which can be used in both sports without needing to be removed.

«The walls received a special treatment that allows their longevity, seats were placed on the benches and the surrounding fence was improved», said the technician from the municipality responsible for monitoring the work.



The municipality invested more than 55 thousand euros in the requalification of this infrastructure, which allowed the space to be equipped with new functionalities.

«You gain a new sports space by working with a well-defined focus», highlighted the President of the City Council, reinforcing, once again, the Executive's intention and effort to win the title of European City of Sports in 2026.

José Carlos Rolo explained that «this requalification is part of the municipality's strategy to develop sports spaces for spontaneous and sporadic use, with a lot of versatility and that represent investments with a strong impact on the future and the community».

Francisco Oliveira, president of the Municipal Assembly of Albufeira, said that «this will be another space that aims to encourage sports in the municipality, in an outdoor location and with a very positive impact on the residents of Albufeira».

Cristiano Cabrita, vice-president of the Albufeira City Council responsible for the Sports area, emphasizes, regarding the inauguration of the equipment, that «the use of the Parque do Ribeiro Sports Center is free and includes some rules of use, namely the duty to preserve and leave the space as it was, as well as the prohibition of other sporting activities other than basketball, tennis and volleyball».

«This is an important investment for the benefit of everyone that needs to be valued and preserved», he reiterated.