Another Aguardente and Honey Fair is coming in Cortelha

On the 9th of March

The village of Cortelha, in the interior of the municipality of Loulé, will once again host the Aguardente and Honey Fair, on the 9th of March.

The event, which takes place in the local pavilion, aims to «highlight and value two excellent products from Serra do Caldeirão, traditionally produced with great dedication and which continue to have great relevance today, both in terms of social and economic dynamics, and in terms of of the region's tourist projection».

The event starts at 9 am with a walking tour of around 00 kilometers, along the trails in the northern part of the parish of Salir, passing by medronho distilleries.

Hikers will have the opportunity to visit the boilers in full operation and watch the distillation of nectar live, which usually takes place at this time of year.

Registration is open and can be made here

The arrival of walkers at the Aguardente e Mel Fair is scheduled for 12 pm, a time that coincides with the opening of the exhibitors. A little later, in the restaurant space, mountain delicacies will begin to be served, prepared according to timeless recipes and with seasonal and local products, including corn porridge and roasted chorizo.



Then the musical entertainment will begin with the Amendoeiras em Flor Ethnographic Group, from Altura, the sounds of Alentejo music are brought by the group “Violas Campaniças”, from Castro Verde.

The music will continue at dinner time and into the night with entertainment from Marco Filipe.

The main local producers of brandy and honey will be present, as well as farmers and artisans, giving visitors the opportunity to taste and purchase these products.

«After the enormous success of previous editions, as a result of the numerous exhibitors present, as well as the participation of many visitors, who at this time of year seek out the Algarve interior to glimpse the beautiful landscapes, taste the mountain cuisine and experience the best uses and customs of the Serra do Caldeirão, the Association of Friends of Cortelha is thus preparing yet another initiative that is expected to be highly authentic and well-identified with Algarve traditions", they emphasize in a note.

The Cortelha Aguardente and Honey Fair has the support of the Loulé City Council and the Salir Parish Council.