Farense Pavilion is for sale at auction due to old debt

The auction started last Monday, February 12th

The Farense pavilion it is for sale at auction for a base value of around 4 million euros. At issue is an old debt, but President João Rodrigues guarantees that he will fight for a solution. 

The auction began last Monday, February 12th, and has an opening price of around 1,9 million euros. The procedure lasts until March 13th and, so far, there have been no bids.

In statements to the Sul Informação, João Rodrigues, president of Farense (both SAD and the club), explained that this action is due «to a debt from almost 25 years ago», related to Halcon Viagens.

«The auction is public, but we will fight for a solution, despite having millions and millions for everything at once», reinforced the leader of the Lions of Faro.

In the description, it is stated that up for auction is an urban building, in Praça de Tânger, consisting of a «six-story building and public space, intended for sports, club headquarters, hotel establishment and store».

Asked about a hypothetical scenario of losing the pavilion – and the impact that this would have on Farense –, João Rodrigues did not want to enter into “speculation”.

«We are working to solve the problems we have and that come from the past. What we believe is that Farense is getting closer to resolving the mistakes made back then,” he added.

Furthermore, according to João Rodrigues, of the 20 million debt that the club once had, today it will be «around 7,5 million».


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