Lagos: Arrest of drug dealer ends with 1800 doses of heroin and 120 doses of cocaine seized

Man was arrested by PSP on January 5th

The arrest in flagrante delicto of a drug trafficker in Lagos, on January 5th, resulted in the seizure of 1800 doses of heroin and 120 doses of cocaine. 

The arrest occurred following an action aimed at combating trafficking and direct sales to consumers, in the city of Lagos.

During this action, according to the PSP, police officers from the criminal investigation brigade detected that the man had "an attitude and behavior that indicated that he was preparing to sell drugs, and approached him promptly."

The PSP later verified that the man had in his possession several doses of heroin and cocaine packaged and prepared for direct sale to consumers.

After the home search, it was still possible to seize more drugs, items used in the preparation and packaging of these products and money resulting from their sale.

«In total, around 1800 individual doses of heroin and 120 individual doses of cocaine were seized, which is why it is believed that a very positive effect has been achieved in the efforts carried out daily by the police, aimed at disrupting this criminal activity in that city», says the PSP .

The detainee was presented to the Judicial Authority yesterday, and coercive measures were applied to him, requiring periodic presentations and prohibition and imposition of conduct.