Photogallery: Carnival Trapalhão had a “house” full with Xico Barata in Armação de Pêra

At the end of the day, there was the burial of Entrudo with a lot of humor

Smiles, streamers, entertainment, dancing to Brazilian music, Xico Barata and lots of revelers. These are the elements that caused Avenida Beira-Mar to fill up, in Armação de Pêra, during the Trapalhão Carnival this Shrove Tuesday, February 13th.

After a rainy Sunday that prevented the Carnival parade from taking to the streets, the parade took place this Tuesday, along the Avenue, without cold and in good weather.

The 15 floats left at 15pm. As the name suggests, “Carnaval Trapalhão” means that, in addition to the extras, anyone who wanted could participate in the fun.

The cars that made up the parade had theater as their theme, through creativity, art and satire, politics and cinema. There was André Ventura defending his ideologies in Parliament, a car full of Barbies or even Armação de Pêra's Bollywood representing the village's Indians. The baby and the elderly, representing life before and after, the theater clowns, the samba dancers, a bride, the big heads, characters from Disney films or even the representation of Moulin Rouge, were other extras who were at the parade.

Environmental concerns were also present this Carnival in some details, such as the use of reusable cups and recycled materials in cars.

Revelers continued, after the parade, to dance to the rhythm of Xico Barata, next to the old fish market, near Pescadores beach, until 20 pm.

With choreography, kuduro, kizomba, pimba and many other musical genres were heard that echoed through the streets to cheer up the audience, who remained firm dancing until it ended.

Closing the party, Entruda was buried. There was no shortage of laughter, crying and a lot of humor during Entrudo's farewell, which ran through the main streets of Armação de Pêra.


Photos and text from: Cátia Rodrigues, who is a finalist for the Master's in Communication and Digital Media at the University of Algarve and is doing her internship at Sul Informação.