Chamber begins the Strategic Plan for Culture Portimão 2034

All Portimão residents are invited to participate

The Portimão City Council will begin the «participated elaboration of the Strategic Plan for Culture Portimão 2034, through an innovative and certified methodology, promoted by the Observatory of Science, Communication and Culture Policies of the Center for Communication and Society Studies of the University of Porto. Minho».

The announcement was made this Saturday by Isilda Gomes, president of the Chamber, during the presentation of part of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Portimão's elevation to city status, which will take place during this year.

The mayor invited all Portimão residents "to join us, to participate in this exciting year of celebration and discovery", so that "we can take this opportunity not only to look back with gratitude, but also to move forward with hope and determination, building together an even brighter future for our city that we love so much».

«It is with everyone, with everyone's collaboration, that we are going to start, exactly this year, this Strategic Plan, so that we know what we want from now on until 2034», added the president of the Municipality.



Isilda Gomes' words took place in the auditorium of the Portimão Museum, packed with people, with many standing or sitting on the floor. Minutes before the official opening of the exhibition, in one of the Museum's rooms, the session presented part of the extensive celebrations of “Portimão, Centenary City (1924-2024”). And what part was that? The program that the Lavrar o Mar cooperative will bring to the city throughout the year.

As a whole, and under the motto “Portimão, our city”, it will be a «programming based on memory, the present and the future and inspired by people».

«We have to be proud of history, of memory, because, without memory and without history, there is no future. Therefore, we want to take advantage of this centenary to invite this entire community to reflect on the future of our city. The city is not built with half a dozen», highlighted, by the way, Isilda Gomes.

«The city is built with the almost 70 thousand residents who live in our city today, (…) we all have a role to play on this land. And no one can refuse to perform it,” he added.

«Because we cannot criticize if we are not capable of doing, of giving. We are almost 70 thousand inhabitants, each contributing to the unique fabric of this city, each being an integral part of its history and trajectory. It is in this spirit, with an unprecedented cultural intervention program in this region», he stressed.

The program “is not only a celebration of the past, but also an investment in the future. Culture has the power to unite, inspire and transform. A people without culture is almost like soup without salt».

«By promoting art and creativity, we are investing in the well-being of our community, in the vitality of our economy and in the cohesion of our society», said the mayor of Portimão.

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