ACT notifies almost 10 thousand companies for having false green receipts

At stake are independent workers who are economically dependent

The Authority for Working Conditions (ACT) announced today that it had notified 9.699 companies to regularize the employment relationship of 17.701 workers with false green receipts.

At stake are economically dependent independent workers, that is, service providers who provide 80% or more of their activity to a single entity.

According to ACT, notified companies now have until February 16 to regularize their employment relationships, from service provision contract to employment contract.

“After this period has elapsed, ACT will carry out a new verification of the regularity of employment relationships and maintenance of jobs, initiating the corresponding inspection action to ensure compliance with current legislation, if the situation has not been regularized within the indicated period”, explains .

According to the Authority for Working Conditions, this action to combat precariousness, included in the Decent Work Agenda, results from a cross-referencing of data with Social Security and aims to regularize employment relationships, “ensuring that the obligations and workers benefit from the rights corresponding to their real employment situation”.

ACT says it has also informed the 17.701 economically dependent independent workers of the notification sent to the entity for which they provide services.