Tourism is almost reaching the revenue target of 27.000 ME scheduled for 2027

Carlos Abade pointed out some challenges for the sector in 2024, including the creation of value for residents

The president of Turismo de Portugal said today that the sector is 7,6% away from reaching, in 2024, the revenue target forecast for 2027, of 27.000 million euros.

“We are 7,6% away from reaching, in 2024, the tourist revenues of 27.000 million euros” expected for 2027, said Carlos Abade, who was the guest at a lunch of the Portuguese Hotel Association (AHP), in Lisbon.

Admitting that predictions cannot be made on January 15th, for the year that has just begun, Carlos Abade highlighted that the tourism sector in Portugal is “particularly competitive”, having grown at a rate higher than the world average.

For the president of Turismo de Portugal, “there is no reason to think that 2024 will not be exactly the same”.

According to recently released data, forecasts point to 77 million overnight stays registered in 2023, a growth of almost 11% compared to the previous year, and revenues of close to 25.000 million euros.

Carlos Abade also considered the idea that the tourism sector is reaching its limits to be “absurd”, but pointed out some challenges for the sector in 2024, including the creation of value for residents.

“Tourism is good to the exact extent that it is good for people and tourism has been very good for people”, defended the person in charge.

Another of the challenges listed by Carlos Abade involves valuing and qualifying workers, highlighting that the increase in salaries in the sector has been higher than the growth of the national average.

Previously, Bernardo Trindade, president of AHP, had highlighted the impact of rising interest rates on the hotel industry, a “classic measure to combat inflation”, and expressed his willingness to work together with Turismo de Portugal on the problem.

Already in the question phase of the audience, Carlos Abade was asked about the new Lisbon airport, having argued that, for now, the existing infrastructure must be managed “more efficiently”, highlighting that “all airports in Portugal have capacity for growth.”