In the Algarve, the tourist year of 2023 was one of records across (almost) the entire line

Official data has not yet been released, but André Gomes has no doubts

Photos: Nuno Costa | Sul Informação

More profits, more guests, higher average occupancy and a record number of passengers at the airport Faro made 2023 “the best tourist year ever”, in the Algarve, he told Sul Informação André Gomes.

Although statistical data on the performance of the tourism sector for 2023 in the Algarve region has not yet been released, the president of Turismo do Algarve says that it is already certain that last year was better than 2019, with records in the entire line, with the exception of the number of overnight stays.

«It is now certain that we have returned to the threshold of 5 million guests and 20 million overnight stays in a year, that is, to pre-pandemic values», he revealed.

This performance was already expected and is in line with what happened nationally.

Last week, Nuno Fazenda, Secretary of State for Tourism, reported that 2023hi the best tourist year ever in the country, with more than 30 million guests, 77 million overnight stays and revenues of around 25.000 million euros.

“It was indeed a very positive year for the country's tourism, and also for Portugal as a whole, a record year in tourism, the best year in the history of tourism in Portugal”, illustrated the official.


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