Algarve Hotel Union demands minimum wage increase of 15%

The Algarve Hotel Union met yesterday

A minimum salary increase of 15%, never less than 150 euros, is what the Algarve Hotel Industry Union is asking for, which met yesterday, December 4th, to analyze the social situation in the accommodation, catering and similar sector in the Algarve and decided to give beginning of the presentation to the tourism sector's employers of the proposals for 2024.

In a note, the union states that «the policy of low wages and precarious employment, promoted by successive Governments and practiced by employers in the sector, and the brutal increase in the cost of living that is occurring, is
impoverishing workers at the same time that employers accumulate millions of euros in profits».

The union therefore considers it «unacceptable that workers, who are the ones who create wealth, are not enjoying the excellent performance and results achieved as a result of their efforts».

The Algarve Hotel Union says it will intensify the work of clarification and mobilization of workers for demanding action in the workplace and appeals to their unity and courage to fight for an increase in wages, for the restoration of payment for work performed in days holiday with an increase of 200%, by regulating working hours and reducing them to 35 hours a week without loss of remuneration, by enjoying 25 working days of holiday without conditions, by job security ensuring that a permanent job corresponds an effective contract, for the improvement of working and living conditions to which we are entitled.