Do you know Parises? It is a “green” Christmas village in Serra do Caldeirão

There is a program full of activities for the whole family

In the heart of Serra do Caldeirão, a small village allowed itself to be invaded by the most genuine magic of Christmas... in an initiative by the Municipal Council of São Brás de Alportel, at the hands of its inhabitants, with the help of volunteers and friends, here and around There, natural Christmas decorations sprout, without plastics or artificial effects, just with what the earth gives, recovering and reusing materials, in a work lasting many days at the Christmas Workshop.

All of this can now be enjoyed from today, the 8th, until Sunday, December 10th.

The Village of Natal Verde invites all visitors to climb the mountains, to Parises (18 kilometers north of São Brás de Alportel, via EM 1202), with a program full of activities for the whole family.

Lots of conviviality, fun Christmas workshops, magical moments with lights, crafts, entertainment, magic and Christmas flavors will liven up the program this long weekend.



The colors, smells and natural textures inspired the inhabitants of the mountains who, in an improvised Christmas workshop, have given free rein to their imagination and craftsmanship in recent weeks, to transform this village, taking as a starting point the decoration of the entire village with a Christmas theme using only natural materials found in the São Brasense mountains and reused materials.

The opening of the program is scheduled for 14:30 pm this Friday, December 8th, a national holiday. A day when visitors can visit the Mercadinho da Aldeia, next to the Social Center.

At 15pm, the village fire, next to Casa da Serra, will be lit to give light and heat to this initiative which, during the afternoon, will invite visitors to participate in Christmas Workshops that will teach how to make Christmas wreaths with natural elements. , taste chocolate from a chocolatier and hot chocolate over a wood fire and discover the magic of Christmas lights.

On Saturday, the program of activities begins early in the morning with the opening of the Mercadinho da Aldeia. In the Christmas workshops, participants can learn how to make yeast doughnuts and the traditional bean dinner in the wood oven, watch the performance of Rancho Típico Sambrasense, taste chocolate from the chocolatier and hot chocolate over the wood fire, enjoy the beans prepared in the Christmas workshops and discover the magic of Christmas illuminations.



On Sunday, the highlight is the workshops on building natural Christmas effects and making Christmas dreams and the performance of the São Brás de Alportel Children's Choir.

Participation in the Christmas workshops costs 3 euros.

Parises is part of the São Brás de Alportel Nativity Scene Route with a traditional Algarve nativity scene in the Parises Chapel and a stone nativity scene made by children from the EB1 school no. be visited until January 2th.

Until Twelfth Day, January 6th, you can visit the village of Parises, in Aldeia de Natal Verde mode, but the São Brás City Council guarantees that «you are welcome every month of the year».

«In the heart of the mountains, you can breathe the best fresh air, enjoy the landscape, follow hiking or off-road trails, and discover the local heritage. Not to be missed is a visit to Casa da Serra, which since January 6th has been welcoming visitors with an interpretative space of the Serra do Caldeirão. A small house where the Serra fits inside, with its history, its people and traditions», concludes the municipality.