2nd year students from EB1 in Pêra won the Silves Christmas Postcard 2023 competition

Initiative is from the Chamber of Silves

The 2nd year class at Escola EB1 de Pêra won the Christmas Postcard 2023 competition, launched by the Chamber of Silves, through its Education Sector.

The students of the winning work «created an illustration of a Christmas tree, with various recyclable materials, which was chosen to be placed on the Municipality's Christmas Card», according to the municipality.

In 2nd place was the work carried out by 2nd B from Escola EB1 de Messines, by student Thyago Silva and 3rd place was awarded to class 4 from EB1 de Pêra.

The selection of works admitted to the competition was based on the following criteria: identification with the proposed theme; creativity; use of different techniques, materials and color.

The first three placed will receive vouchers to purchase school materials, the first placed will be awarded with material worth 100 euros, the second placed will receive a voucher worth 75 euros and the third place will be given a voucher worth 50 euros.