Alcoutim: First year of “Vilas em Movimento” was “a success”

Project is promoted by the Galp Foundation

This Thursday, the Odiana association made a positive assessment of the first year of the “Vilas em Movimento” project, an initiative by the Galp Foundation, in partnership with the Municipality of Alcoutim, aimed at the population of this municipality.

This project was born «out of the desire for cooperation between entities, its primary objectives are improving the quality of life and well-being of the region's senior population, social inclusion, and the promotion of cultural and natural heritage through the promotion of the most varied activities", according to Odiana, who considers that, so far, the initiative has been "a success".

«Over the last year, seven workshops were held in different locations in the Municipality of Alcoutim, namely: Floral Arrangements in Martim Longo, Soap Creation in Barrada, Basket Making in Pereiro, Weaving in Alcarias, Meditation in Alcoutim, Biscuit Making and Decoration of Christmas in Giões and Mandalas in wool in Martim Longo», revealed the association, which has played an active role in implementing the project.

These activities were developed, «for the most part, with the senior community, taking into account their suggestions and tastes, with the aim of providing this group with different activities and also actions to value endogenous products and traditional crafts, some of which disused activities, keeping local traditions and customs alive».

The workshops involved 61 participants, the vast majority of whom were retired, aged between 45 and 90 years old.

«We also counted on the participation of some young people interested in the activities, providing intergenerational contacts. The results were extremely positive, with participants expressing not only satisfaction but also tangible benefits: “I learned a new skill with this workshop”, “I was satisfied with the theme of this workshop”, “I feel that participating in this workshop encouraged me and improved my my emotional well-being”», the association said.

In this way, the “Vilas em Movimento” project “fulfilled the commitment made throughout the year, satisfying the needs of the population. By combating loneliness, promoting activities and providing moments of social and emotional well-being, we positively transform the daily lives of these groups, contributing to a more united and resilient community».