Montenegro commits to building the Algarve Central Hospital

Cristóvão Norte says he will demand this implementation

Luís Montenegro made «publicly the commitment to move forward with the new Algarve Central Hospital», announced Cristóvão Norte, president of PSD/Algarve. 

In a statement, Cristóvão Norte highlighted that such commitment “it’s very important”, adding although, if Luís Montenegro becomes prime minister, the PSD Algarve “will not fail to demand this from him”.

«The PS had the last eight years to do this, but was unwilling or unable», considered the regional leader of the largest opposition party.

In October, the Minister of Health said that the State Budget for 2024 plans to launch “tenders” for the Algarve Central Hospital and the Regional Oncology Center in the next year.

In April, a team for “the study and preparation the launch of a new public-private partnership for the construction of the new Algarve Central Hospital», led by former Deputy Secretary of State for Health Francisco Ventura Ramos.