Book of memories by Elidérico Viegas released in Faro

Work focuses on the Colonial War

The work “Guiné 1971-1972-1973: The war that history wants to forget”, a memoir by Elidérico Viegas, who was, for decades, president of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Enterprises of the Algarve, will be presented on the 15th November, at 17pm, at the Municipal Library of Faro.

Despite being born from the author's memories of this conflict, the idea is that the book will become, after publication, «a new historiographical source of the Colonial War, with main emphasis on the Guinea War, as it immortalizes the memory of a direct participant in this conflict, enriched by the dissemination of unpublished documents and images», according to Arandis Editora, which publishes the work.

With this book «Elidérico Viegas reveals a lesser-known facet of his life, marked by the business and associative activity that elevated him to the category of regional and national personality».

The presentation ceremony, open to the general public, will feature interventions by José Carlos Vilhena de Mesquita, who will present the book, by Henrique André, president of the Núcleo de Faro of the Combatant League, by Ludgero Sequeira, author of the preface, and Rogério Bacalhau, president of the Chamber of Faro.



«Born in the deep Barrocal, in Paderne, in the municipality of Albufeira, into a modest family of small farmers, he considers himself to be a true Algarve native.

He attended secondary education at the Industrial and Commercial School of Faro, (EICF), currently Tomás Cabreira, having completed the General Commerce Course and attended the Preparatory Section. He started in tourism at a very young age, after attending a tourism course at the Escola Hoteleira do Algarve, at a time when, as he likes to point out, there were still no hotels in the region. He held positions as receptionist, head receptionist, deputy director and hotel director. He has a degree in Hotel Management and has taken several management and marketing courses in the tourism sector.

From the age of 25, he began working in the business world in tourism and other sectors of activity, which is why, from a young age, he was invited to take on roles as an association leader, both in regional and national structures. He was closely linked to the affirmation and tourist consolidation of Praia da Oura for more than 30 years, deeply regretting that some entrepreneurs without capacity and others without a vision of the future, have relegated an exceptional tourist area to a banal and lacking quality destination.

Founder and director of several business associations in the Algarve and the country, he has long been considered a reference in the regional and national tourism panorama», according to Arandis Editora.