Children’s book “Faz” presented at the Silves Library

This Saturday, October 14

The book “Faz”, by Patrícia Ricardo, will be presented on October 14th, at 15 pm, at the Silves Municipal Library. 

The story transports readers to Alberto's dream: to be a circus artist.

«And more than a dream, it is a gift! Juggling, acrobatics, magic tricks is what he likes to do. He lives with his father and his brothers in a small village in the interior of Portugal », explains the author of the children's book.

Patrícia Ricardo was born in 1977, is from Silves, has a degree in solicitors and is a reiki master.

Always fascinated by the arts and creativity, in 2019, she began writing for a local newspaper, where she is from, with the title “Holistically Speaking”, to demystify and open minds.

«His writing seeks to reveal forms of balance and inner harmonization. Through words, strengthen the mind and, consequently, thinking, which extends to emotions», says the municipality in a note.