Alte Professional School promotes Portuguese Host Language Courses

In the villages of Alte and Boliqueime

The Alte Professional School is promoting Portuguese Host Language courses in the villages of Alte and Boliqueime.

The courses are developed in partnership with the Employment and Professional Training Center of Faro (IEFP), the Chamber of Loulé, the Parish Councils of Alte and Boliqueime and the company Fonte do Conde – Farming & Events.

The idea is «to create an opportunity for foreign citizens to learn about the Portuguese language and customs, two elements that facilitate their integration into the communities where they reside, as well as their professional, social and civic integration into Portuguese society», explains the School Senior Professional.

In 2022 and 2023, the partnership promoted three A1+A2 level proficiency courses in Portuguese (Elementary User) in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFRL), which were attended by a total of 34 trainees of 14 nationalities: Belgium, Egypt, France, India, Germany, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Morocco, Poland, Nepal, Bangladesh, Ireland, Ecuador and Venezuela.

Over the two years, foreign citizens were able to learn the language of the country that welcomed them, intercultural communication and the exchange of knowledge about the values, beliefs, history and culture of our country and its neighbors were promoted. countries.



According to the Escola Profissional de Alte, many of the citizens who completed those courses expressed interest in continuing the process of learning the Portuguese Language and Culture, so, with others who joined them, they have now started the B1+B2 level – Independent user.

The courses, lasting 150 hours, are taking place in the village of Alte, on the premises of the Escola Profissional Cândido Guerreiro, and in the village of Boliqueime, on the premises of the Parish Council, and are attended by a total of 27 foreign adults, of nine nationalities: Germany, Bangladesh, Belgium, Egypt, France, Nepal, Poland, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

In 2024, the partnership plans to start more A1+A2 level courses in those villages, having received 28 pre-registrations to date.

Those interested in attending the Courses should contact EPA – Escola Profissional de Alte CIPRL, ​​via email: [email protected].