Court annuls suspension of two surgeons at Hospital de Faro accused of bad practices

Doctors were accused by an internal doctor, who made the complaint to the Judiciary Police and on social networks

Photo: Pablo Sabater | Sul Informação (file)

The Fiscal and Administrative Court of Loulé annulled the preventive suspension of the two surgeons at the Hospital de Faro who were accused of alleged errors and malpractices by Diana Pereira, a medical intern who has since resigned.

The news was advanced by the newspaper Expresso, according to which the two clinicians saw the court uphold an appeal they filed against the decision to suspend their medical activity, claiming that it had been taken unilaterally, before the conclusions of an independent commission were heard and known. created by the Chairman of the Order of Physicians.

After the court's decision, the Superior Council of the Order of Doctors unanimously decided to annul the decision of the South Regional Disciplinary Council, so that the two doctors can return to practice, advances the same newspaper.

To Expresso, the director of the Surgery Service of Hospital de Faro, Martins dos Santos, referred that «this ruling, despite its shortcomings, which proves me completely right, constitutes the beginning of a long way to go, until complete justice is done».

The provisional suspension resulted from a complaint made by Diana Pereira, who was doing her specialization in general surgery, and targeted a surgeon and Martins dos Santos.

At the time, internal physician Diana de Carvalho Pereira reported the cases to the Judiciary Police and on her Twitter and Instagram social media accounts, reporting on alleged «11 cases that occurred between January and March» at the hospital in Faro of «error/negligence» in the surgery service.

According to the doctor, of the reported cases of 11 patients, "three died, two are hospitalized in intermediate care, the rest had bodily injury associated with medical error, ranging from accidental castration, loss of kidneys or the need for a colostomy for the rest of the life".

However, in addition to Doctor's order, also the Public Prosecutor's Office opened an investigation to these cases.