Order of Physicians suspends surgeons at Hospital de Faro accused of bad practices

Decision expected to be announced today

Photo: Pablo Sabater | Sul Informação (file)

The two surgeons at the Hospital de Faro which were denounced for bad practices by a young internal doctor, in April, will be provisionally suspended by the Medical Association.

the news is advanced this Wednesday by Jornal Expresso, which adds that the decision of the disciplinary college should be announced today by the Medical Association.

Already Público newspaper, confirmed that the Southern Regional Disciplinary Board of OM proposed the suspension for six months of two surgeons at the hospital.

The two doctors “are suspended for a period of six months. It is a preventive suspension as there are strong indications of malpractice», Carlos Cortes, chairman of the Order of Doctors, revealed to the Lusa agency.

The reasons for this decision are not yet known.

The complaint that led to this provisional suspension was made by Diana Pereira, who was doing her specialization in general surgery, and was directed against a surgeon and the director of the service.

At the time, internal physician Diana de Carvalho Pereira reported the cases to the Judiciary Police and on her Twitter and Instagram social media accounts, reporting on alleged «11 cases that occurred between January and March» at the hospital in Faro of «error/negligence» in the surgery service.

According to the doctor, of the reported cases of 11 patients, "three died, two are hospitalized in intermediate care, the rest had bodily injury associated with medical error, ranging from accidental castration, loss of kidneys or the need for a colostomy for the rest of the life".

However, in addition to Doctor's order, also the Public Prosecutor's Office opened an investigation to these cases.