RTA launches new brochure to promote the Mediterranean Diet

To be distributed at the Mediterranean Diet Fair in Tavira

How to get to know the Mediterranean Diet better, the products associated with it and the festivities to celebrate it? Through the new brochure that the Algarve Tourism Board (RTA) has just published and which will be distributed free of charge at the Mediterranean Diet Fair to anyone who passes by the entity's stand.

Turismo do Algarve returns to the Mediterranean Diet Fair in Tavira with a new brochure to distribute to visitors.

It's called "Algarve and the Mediterranean Diet" and wants to convey to residents and tourists the value of this cultural heritage that favors healthy eating and conviviality at the table.

It will be available every day of the fair, from the 7th to the 10th of September, at the stand of the regional tourism entity.

The brochure has more than 30 pages dedicated to this Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, classified as such by UNESCO in 2013, and highlights some of the products that are part of the healthiest and most sustainable diet on the planet.

Olive oil, as the main fat for cooking, fruit such as oranges, figs and almonds, and fresh fish are some of the foods that make up the Mediterranean wheel and which should always be on diners' tables.

The objective of the publication is to share the principles of the Mediterranean Diet, raising awareness of the benefits of this diet, which is also a lifestyle (it is even said that it is at the root of the longevity of the Italian and Greek peoples).

Edited as part of the project The Algarve in the Mediterranean Diet, a partnership between RTA and CCDR Algarve and many other regional entities under the funding of CRESC Algarve 2020, the brochure will go to the Mediterranean Diet Fair and will soon be available for download in the multimedia area of ​​the website visitalgarve.pt.

But the RTA will also take other promotional materials to distribute at its stand during the four days of the fair, where it intends to promote the Algarve's gastronomy, one of the most vivid components of the region's culture.

«We have been partners with the Mediterranean Diet Fair since the first edition and we are staunch defenders of this heritage that has a very positive impact on the promotion of the Algarve», said the president of the RTA.

"According to World Food Travel Association, gastronomy is one of the aspects most valued by tourists when traveling: 80% of travelers look for the typical gastronomy of the place where they spend their holidays. Having this gastronomic richness, and being Tavira the representative community of the Mediterranean Diet, it is necessary to estimate what sets us apart. The Gastronomy and Wine product contributes to the overall appreciation of the territory, to the strengthening of the destination's competitiveness and to tourist diversification, therefore it is a natural bet for the coming years», added André Gomes.

The Mediterranean Diet Fair takes place between the 7th and 10th in Tavira, with an extensive program that includes tastings and snacks, exhibitors of handicrafts and traditional products, concerts, dances, botanical shows, exhibitions, seminars and activities for children and young people. Check it all out at www.dietamediterranica.pt.