Cork exports grow 3,2% in value and register the best semester ever

Growth results from the added value of exported products

Portuguese cork exports reached a historic milestone in the first half of 2023, with a total of 670,435 million euros (+3,2%), thus achieving the best performance ever in terms of value, reveals today the Portuguese Association of Cork Cork (APCOR).

According to data reported up to the month of June, exports increased by 3,2% in value, compared to the same period of the previous year.

This growth is even more significant considering that the quantities exported decreased by around 15%, which shows that the growth results from the added value of exported products.

“The sector managed, at a difficult moment in terms of demand, to grow in value as a result of a combination of factors, firstly through a mix of products with greater added value but also, , of all the work that the sector has been doing in for the improvement of the technical performance of its products and the international promotion of cork”, explains João Rui Ferreira, general secretary of APCOR

Adaptation to global trends and market needs have also been crucial factors for the success and resilience of the sector, which, in the face of a less favorable international economic environment of slowdown in demand, manages to maintain an economic growth performance.

“Despite the growth, we have been registering a slowdown trend throughout the year and the data of the international situation do not make us foresee a change in this slowdown in the second half”, warns João Rui Ferreira.