The world of Web3 meets in the Algarve

The choice of the Algarve to hold this event is due to the increase «in Portugal in the number of people working in crypto and web3»

It's a festival – not a conference – where the idea is for people to have fun while thinking about the future of technology. The “Blockdown Festival”, one of the first events worldwide linked to Web3, will take place from this Monday, July 10th, in Vilamoura, at the Lick and Bliss nightclubs.

O Sul Informação spoke with Erhan Korhaliller, organizer of this festival, which will bring around 3 people to the Algarve.

«What we are going to explore are the intersections between Web3 and culture: how does the blockchain Will it be disruptive in the music, games, fashion, entertainment and sports industries?», he explained.

All speakers are part of these areas.

Some of the examples are Pär Helgosson, head of web3 & metaverse at the French club Paris-Saint Germain, and John (Max) Wolfe, web3 lead of the McLaren Formula 1 team.


Erhan Korhaliller


One of the highlights will also be an original fashion show.

"All the models will wear clothes inspired by the metaverse, very futuristic", explained Erhan Korhaliller.

Added to this are boat trips, video game tournaments and concerts with eight «Web3 and NFT musicians».

The choice of the Algarve to hold this event is due to the increase «in Portugal in the number of people working in crypto and Web3».

Erhan gives the example of the Algarve, where “digital nomads have grown”.

«We always wanted to do this festival, which, last year, took place in Croatia, in incredible places. The Algarve is one of them because it is one of the most beautiful places in Europe », he explained.

«There has never been a big web3 event in the Algarve and we felt there should be – we decided to do it here too because we want to help bring investors from all over the world, Asia, the United States of America, Europe to the Algarve», he concluded.

Tickets can be purchased here


What is Web 3.0 and the blockchain?

Web 3.0 is a new generation of internet that uses blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Web 3.0 represents the next phase of web/internet evolution and can be very innovative in representing a paradigm shift as big as the current version (Web 2.0).

In it, the internet becomes more decentralized, open and with greater user activity. In addition, in this third generation, the use of technologies such as artificial intelligence inachin learning becomes more frequent.

O blockchain it is a shared, immutable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions.



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