Noélia Jerónimo promotes Algarve on TAP with Polvo de Santa Luzia as star product

Octopus is one of the most characteristic flavors of the national coast and one of the most versatile figures in Portuguese recipes.

Noélia Jerónimo is the project's guest chef Location Stars, in the months of July and August, as a result of the partnership between TAP Air Portugal and the The Art of Tasting Portugal (TAOTP), which aims to promote the country through its gastronomic richness and diversity.

After the Azores, the region highlighted in the Executive Class menus of all the Portuguese airline's long-haul flights is the Algarve, with octopus as the star product of its creations.

The initiative Location Stars is the business card that invites all passengers to discover a local ingredient and the offer of Portuguese cuisine, projecting and consolidating Portugal as a gastronomic destination of excellence.

“TAP pursues its mission to bring the best of Portugal to the world and to be the biggest showcase for our best creators and products. In gastronomy, we take another step forward in this fruitful partnership with The Art of Tasting Portugal, this time revealing to our customers around the world the art of chef Noélia Jerónimo and her menu with typical Algarve products, such as octopus and almonds”, says Catarina Indio, Head of Product of the area Customer Engagement from TAP Air Portugal.

“Believing in the enormous potential of our country as a gastronomic destination, the platform The Art of Tasting Portugal shares with TAP Air Portugal this mission of making known the best that is produced in Portugal, our regions and the quality and techniques of our chefs”, says Patrícia Dias, founder of The Art of Tasting Portugal with Adriana Fournier.

“Our country has unique products that deserve international recognition. We have just highlighted the cheese of São Jorge, an endogenous product exclusively produced in the Azores, and we started this new cycle with octopus from the Algarve, another iconic product in our history, culture and gastronomic tradition, and which we find in the homes of the Portuguese in the north to the south of the country. It is this richness that we want to share with the world, certain that they will like it as much as we do”, he adds.



Octopus is thus the featured product in the coming months of July and August, present in the main dish Polvo à Algarvia. Caught all over the Algarve, the choice falls on the Santa Luzia octopus, a product of excellence with unique characteristics that has transformed this fishing village into the “Capital of the Octopus”, whose local economy essentially depends on this mollusk of enormous cultural and cultural value. nutritional.

The Santa Luzia octopus is considered to be one of the best in the world due to the extraordinary richness of nutrients found in the waters of the region and in the Ria Formosa, and due to its diet essentially based on bivalves and other types of shellfish.

Octopus is one of the most characteristic flavors of the national coast and one of the most versatile figures in Portuguese recipes, and is still fished in this area in an artisanal way, which runs the risk of falling into disuse and which must be preserved.

With this project, TAP Executive Class passengers will have the opportunity to taste the flavors of the south of Portugal, through the most characteristic ingredient of the region, by the hands of renowned chef Noélia Jerónimo, who has done an excellent job in valuing and promoting this region.

“I believe that Portugal can increasingly become a preferred destination for those looking to discover haute cuisine, projecting itself as a world reference in this sector. Therefore, it was with great satisfaction and responsibility that I agreed to participate in the project. Location Stars, alongside great national chefs that I admire, with the challenge of promoting my beloved Algarve region. Octopus is undoubtedly one of the most charismatic products in the Algarve and I could not fail to choose it as the center of my proposals. The intention is to enhance the connection to the sea and fishing, so characteristic of recipes in the south of the country”, says chef Noélia Jerónimo.

Accompanying the algarvian octopus will be the hake croquette with curry sauce and mango, and in the sweetest part of the menu, a cheese and almond mousse from the Algarve, another typical product of the region.

Born in Tavira, the chef is mainly inspired by the combination of products from the sea and the Ria Formosa to make known the Algarve region and gastronomy. Focusing on seasonal products and the freshness of ingredients, Noélia Jerónimo will be responsible for elevating the most touristic destination in Portugal, already being one of its most charismatic faces. Heading the restaurant Noélia & Jerónimo, in Cabanas de Tavira, his cuisine is considered by many to be one of the best in the south.



The project Location Stars it doesn't just go through the creation of the dishes. On board, video content alluding to this project will be broadcast on all the planes' screens, with the chef of the moment working on the highlighted recipe, images of the region, the seasonal product chosen and the producer.

Passengers will also have the opportunity to acquire an experience developed by The Art of Tasting Portugal for this purpose, with the chef author of the menu on board, available on the TAOTP website and digital channels Miles&Go e Portugal Stopover from TAP.

The partnership between TAP and TAOTP, announced in March, will take place over the next two years, always in Business Class meals on all the airline's long-haul flights.

Every two months, the project Location Stars promotes a different region and its local ingredients, highlighting a star product, crafted by a Portuguese chef linked to the region.

The menu always consists of a starter, main course and dessert, which are changed in this way, in order to cover the entire national territory and respect the seasonality of the ingredients as much as possible. This is the result of sharing values ​​related to the promotion of Portugal and the country and regions through its products and gastronomy.

O The Art of Tasting Portugal, a platform that aims to promote national gastronomy through the gastronomic mapping of Portugal and the organization of experiences with an emphasis on this sector, presents an approach to the country as a differentiating gastronomic destination, focusing on the essence of each region, bringing together the community of people whose work is stands out in this activity, and in the excellent products that are found in the national territory.

Based on the premise that Portuguese gastronomy is one of the main arguments of Portugal as a tourist destination, which should be exalted and valued, this platform presents and organizes experiences with a gastronomic emphasis designed to provide memorable moments, both for Portuguese and foreigners. who visit the country.